L 20" x D 14" x H 12.5"

Weight....  35 lbs.

Pump.... Cast iron  3/4 HP
(brass impeller)
Heater... 2,000 watt
(1500 watt optional)

Thermostat control 85-195

Temp gauge... 100-250

Pressure gauge... 0-30 lbs.

Hoses... 1/2 in. ID x 7'
(red & black)
Quick Disconnects.... Brass
(Aluminum nipples optional)
Box is a Step Stool / Tool Box
(rated @ 325 lbs.)
Separate illuminated pushbutton  
switch for pump and thermostat
so you can circulate water to cool
down a hot engine and find those air
pockets after filling radiator in the
(without running engine)

Adjustable thermostat so you can set
desired temperature and not worry
about boiling the water in your
cooling system.
Just a Plastic Box ?
This box is guaranteed by the
manufacturer for 5 years
(before we drill holes in it)
Easy to move around.
You can stack things on top
of it in the trailer - doesn't
take up a lot of space
Handy extension cord plug-in
takes normal 110 outdoor cord
(brass quick disconnects)
The Affordable Engine Heater
Designed and built by a sprint car driver and his dad (a retired journeyman
machinist) who saw the need for an engine heater, but could not justify spending  
thousands of dollars for one, then having to spend more money for a bigger generator
because it needed so much electric to operate it.

The Engine Heater works on 110 volt and will plug into any outlet in your shop allowing
you to heat your engine before changing oil, or adjusting your valves, or circulate water
through your system after adding coolant.  And at the track only requires a 3,000 watt
generator to run it, and an ordinary outdoor extension cord. (recommend 12 Ga cord 25'
long). 110v outlet allows use of an oil heater, trouble light, or even your grooving iron
without running another extension cord out to the car.

The Engine Heater works with any water cooled engine from a diesel truck or tractor,
snowmobile, motorcycle, race car, or aircraft.

Do you need to heat your engine in the summer? ... Absolutely ... When it's 90 and your
sweating, your engine is "COLD" it wants to be 190.

There are several heaters on the market, some cost less, some cost more, some could
boil the water, some are big and bulky, some require you to figure out on your own how
to wire them, some loose pressure after they get hot, and just take up space in the

Cool down an over heated engine by simply leaving the thermostat set on the
temperature you want to maintain and it will circulate water through your radiator and
engine till it gets to that level and then turn on heating element and hold it. (No need to
watch it).

Ask any World of Outlaw sprint car driver why they use an engine heater....It's not to
save the engine (most of them have sponsors paying for them)....It's to add about 50 HP
for qualifying (worth 2 or 3 tenths) and for the first couple laps of the race......

  The real reason to use an engine heater

          "Your Engine Will Thank You"
Guaranteed free from
defects in material &
workmanship for
1 full year
Considered by some to
be the best engine
heater on the market.
(Regardless of price)
110v outlet allows use of an
oil heater, trouble light, or
tire grooving iron
Built one at a time with pride and
tested before shipping to ensure you
won't have a problem at the track.

Our custom test tank tests for leaks,
thermostat, temperature & pressure
gauge operation.

(Ready to plug in & make heat)